The Strategic Partner Meeting
BOC Group 2022

As part of the Global Business Impact Summit

Join us live and on-site! Experience more than 20 interesting talks by experts from our customers and BOC Group.
Meet over 300 other domain experts and decision makers and take advantage of this high-profile networking opportunity.
Exclusive and customers-only.

Join us live and on-site! Experience more than 20 interesting talks by experts from our customers and BOC Group. Meet over 300 other domain experts and decision makers and take advantage of this high-profile networking opportunity. Exclusive and customers-only.

September 8th & 9th, 2022
Schloss Schönbrunn, Vienna | Austria


5 Reasons to Grab A Seat Right Away

Discover how leading brands leverage
BPM, EA and GRC to drive their business impact

Meet up in person with other domain specialists & C-level executives

Engage live with the produce managers of ADONIS, ADOIT & ADOGRC

Get an exclusive preview and test-drive latest product innovations on-site

Experience the great ambience of the Schönbrunn Palace, its imperial gardens, and the fine Viennese cuisine

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A wonderful opportunity to exchange ideas with other customers and ADONIS users. It is always exciting and enlightening to see the solutions of other customers and to be inspired by them.

Karl Hartinger, European Bank for Financial Services GmbH (ebase®)

I have been attending the SPM for many years and always find a good mix of exchanging experiences with other process experts, finding solutions to new challenges and valuable suggestions for my company – coupled with the application scenarios of ADONIS.

Peter Assigal, Steiermärkische Krankenanstaltengesellschaft mbH

Great exchange of experiences in a nice ambience, there should be more conferences like this!

Markus Schneider , Volksbank Wien AG

The SPM 2018 – a great mix of valuable insights and a strategic outlook on the development of BOC’s portfolio.

Ralph Postinett, Vodafone GmbH , Germany
At the Austrian Post, ADONIS guarantees a high level of transparency across all areas. The Strategic Partner Meeting allows us to exchange experiences with other companies, transcending the boundaries of roles and industries.
Udo Lozinsek, Austrian Post AG

Today’s challenges require an ongoing view beyond one’s own nose and personal exchange with other experts, and this is what the SPM stands for.

Markus Taschek, Raiffeisenlandesbank Burgenland

The SPM enables an exchange of experiences with experts from different fields in a comfortable atmosphere.

Daniel Nikitser , Raiffeisen-Landesbank Steiermark AG

Join us in Vienna!

Join us in Vienna!

Thursday, September 8th

from 12 p.m.


How To Accelerate Digital Transformation With ADOIT:
EA Approach & Quick Wins

Christelle Mekuate, the Digital Architect at the ESCP Business School, explains how she used ADOIT to create best practices for accelerating digital transformation projects. She discusses her strategy for building up a repository, provides insights into her main challenges, and shares lessons from some interesting quick wins.

Christelle Mekuate

Architecte Digital
ESCP Business School

BPM#ProcessOptimization #IT

Re-Design of the IT Demand Process at Vorwerk

Vorwerk’s existing IT Demand Process was considered overly complex and resulted in a long cycle time. In our session we’ll share with you how we leveraged ADONIS to design, align and optimize our IT Demand Process process end2end, as well as how we integrated the new process it into our IT process landscape.

Christian Drewes

Group IT – IT Process Management
Vorwerk Services GmbH

BPM#ProcessManagement #BPMIntro

Introduction of a Process Organization With ADONIS

The Theo Müller Group (UTM) began establishing their process organization in 2021. This session will give you an insight into how this was done from conception all the way to the implementation into the daily business. What’s more, we’ll be sharing some of our key process management practices and experiences with you.

Norman Middecke

Senior Project Manager
Unternehmensgruppe Theo Müller

EA#ArchitectureRepository #InteragtedEA

An Integrated Architecture Universe at Swedbank

What does it take to combine architectural ways of working with scaled agile development across a federated, IT operating model? How can you support a Strategy-to Execution value chain with guidance across target and transition architectures, founded on the current architecture state? In this session we’ll describe the core of our approach with ADOIT – the Architecture Repository – and how we integrated this across disciplines as strategies, investment planning, agile development, information management etc.

Per Skenhall

Chief Architect, CTO Office

BPM#ITArchitecture #ProcessOptimization 

How We Use The IT4IT Process Value Chain With ADONIS

Allianz Technology is a global IT service provider supporting more than 60 Allianz Group companies worldwide. Our services are used 24/7 to support customers and compete in an increasingly digital business environment. Thus, we don’t only need to be fast in restoring disrupted services, but also work effectively with customers to develop new ones to optimize their business. In our session, you’ll learn how the IT4IT framework helped us gain a holistic, end2end view, and allowed us to focus more on the data flow, rather than just process activities.

Peter Skarp

 Product Owner: Global Process Landscape
Allianz Technology SE

Ville Niemi

Process Manager: Global Process Governance
Allianz Technology SE

BPM#ProcessDocumentation #MasterData

Crystal Clear Processes in the Swarovski Crystal Business

In this session, you’ll get insights into our different process architecture levels at Swarovski, as well as best practices from our decentralized modelling approach with ADONIS. We’ll be diving into our process documentation for audits & certification, discuss how we combine processes models with working instructions, and shed some light on the key integration interfaces for master data: HR, IT & DMS.

Thomas Kopp

Senior Process Manager
Swarovski Group / Swarovski Crystal Business

Friday, September 9th

until approx. 2.30 p.m.


Governance Structures: Logical Model & Technical Implementation in the System Landscape

This session explores integrated modelling of governance-related topics (Risk Management, Data Protection, Information Security, Outsourcing, etc.) through leveraging ADONIS' technical possibilities (and its integration to other systems). The emphasis is placed on the "multi-use of existing models", "logical consistency", "freedom from redundancy", "scalability" and "economies of scale".

Marc Börder-Burmester

 Senior Specialist Risk Management

EA#DataIntegration #CMBD

Data Integration Challenges of EAM Tools

NORD/LB has been using BOC's tools for many years now. Since 2016, ADOIT's been in active use for the structural analysis of EAM artifacts –⁠ from business processes, to technology packages, CMDB, and the respective CI. The integration of a CMDB with ADOIT has been refined over the years and moved to a more recent technology last year. The session gives an outlook into our data integration challenges, and lessons learned from these projects.

Thomas Winiarski

Senior Specialist Enterprise Architecture Management


Enterprise Architecture Management at Munich Airport –⁠ A Field Report

As an international premium hub, we operate efficiently, inspire customers, and aspire to be role models in the aviation industry –⁠ especially where sustainability and digitalization are concerned. To achieve this, our Enterprise Architecture programme has to be embraced group-wide. In our session, we'll be sharing our experiences with the introduction, expansion and anchoring of EA at Munich Airport. We'll talk about the challenges, successes and lessons. In addition, we'll give an insight into our current EA initiatives, and how we envision the future of EA at Munich Airport.

Bernhard Steckenbiller

Leiter Central und Commercial Solution

Flughafen München GmbH

Sebastian Hanschke

Chief Enterprise Architect

Flughafen München GmbH

BPM#ProcessManagement  #BuyIn

Make It, Own It, Live It –⁠ How Victorinox Lives Process Marketing Across All Locations

Our session shows how process management is anchored and practiced across all Victorinox locations. An essential part of this initiative is the comprehensive training concept which conveys information in a way that is fitting for its target group. This way, we ensure that all employees know about process management, understand its benefits and objectives, and have clearly outlined responsibilities.

Thomas Meier

Transformation & Technology / Business Process Manager

Victorinox AG

BPM#ProcessManagement #BPMIntro

On Runs Globally. How Processes Help Achieve Global Scale.

It all started with a running shoe in Switzerland. Now, On is one of the biggest global players in the running market. The iconic shoes are everywhere. In our session, Felix Bindschedler will give you insights into why process management was kicked-off at On and which challenges came along with it, for such a fast growing company. Our session in meant to be interactive –⁠ so your feedback throughout is more than welcome!

Felix Bindschedler

Operational Excellence / BPM & Robotics Lead

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