Master the art of
process management

Make Process Management your superpower.

Design process flowcharts

Model process diagrams using the BPMN graphical notation and create your entire process documentation in a single data base – quick, effortless and easy to understand for everyone.

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Analyse and optimize
your processes

Visualize and examine your processes with dynamic charts. Reveal bottlenecks, identify areas for improvement and streamline your operations
with data-based insights.

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Provide a one-stop-shop
for process knowledge

Create a single source of truth for your process information and make it available for everyone. Benefit from automated versioning and ensure validation and sign-off of your published process content.

#ProcessPortal #CorporateWiki #AutomatedPublication

Engage everyone in
Process Management

Team up on process work in the easiest way possible. Drop comments, exchange requests, share ideas. And transform the way your company works, together.

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And that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

Discover the full range of possibilities in ADONIS.

Generative AI and ADONIS: The Future of Process Modelling?

Get insights on how AI supports your BPM initiatives.

  • ADONIS and AI: Revolutionizing Process Management with Intelligent Solutions

ADONIS 16 is here

Even more capable. Even more you. Explore the latest updates now!

Connect ADONIS with all your favourite apps.

Take ADONIS’ power to the next level with best-in-class apps of your choice and create your ultimate Process Management experience.

Connect ADONIS with all your favourite apps.

Take ADONIS’ power to the next level with best-in-class apps of your choice and create your ultimate Process Management experience.

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Community Edition

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Single user, single language


100% in the cloud

Limited number of

Community support

Shared app stack

ADONIS Starter

for small teams

starting at

€ 99,- 1 seat

$ 99,- 1 seat

CHF 119,- 1 seat

per month, billed annually

All Community Edition features plus:

Multi-user collaboration

Self-service edition


Unlimited number of processes

Shared app stack


for all businesses

starting at

€ 955,- 5 seats

$ 1.050,- 5 seats

CHF 995,-

5 seats

per month, billed annually

Process release workflow

Freely configurable

API access (Read & Write)

Add-on modules & connectors

Customer success management

Private app stack

ADONIS Individual

for tailored business needs

Tell us your requirements

All Grow features plus:

Option for individual customizing

Advanced technical support

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Get the best solution for your use case.

ADONIS covers a wide array of use cases. These ready-made solutions offer curated feature sets to easily tackle the most common to-dos surrounding different application scenarios. Browse the most popular solution packs below and get an insight on how to best leverage them.

Business Transformation

Make your processes the backbone of your business transformation. Foster a culture of adaptability, embrace iterative improvements and consistently deliver new value to customers.

Design & Ideation

Spark innovation, leverage collective knowledge and incorporate design thinking to create processes that are user-centric, efficient and aligned with customer needs and expectations.

Operational Excellence

Promote continuous improvement for higher process efficiency and quality. Analyse processes to identify patterns, trends and optimization potentials. Reflect on performance based on KPIs. And leverage data-insights to drive decision making and improvements.

Collaborative BPM

Harness the power of collaborative thinking and make the most out of your Process Management efforts. Foster an environment of open communication. Encourage active participation and feedback. And drive company-wide process transparency.

Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)

Ensure operational consistency, quality and overall success by providing your employees with clear, detailed and easily-accessible instructions on how to carry out specific routine activities.

Process Automation

Leverage advanced automation technologies to reduce tedious manual efforts, improve process accuracy and increase efficiency. From low-code/no-code workflows to RPA or ERP – choose any automation method and press play.


Mitigate legal and operational risks by ensuring your business processes are designed, executed and monitored in accordance with defined quality standards, industry regulations, internal policies and best practices.

ADONIS offers many more Process Management solutions

Continuous Improvement

Process Assessment

Performance Management

Business IT Alignment

Quality Management

Audit Management

Business Continuity Management

General Data Protection

Requirements Management

Process Mining

ERP Integration / SAP

Customer Journey Mapping

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BPM tools help boost businesses.

According to the latest study on Business Process Management usage.



increase in demand for
professional BPM suites
for process modelling.



of companies see a rise in
importance of BPM in the future.



of companies are already
actively engaging in process
optimization initiatives.

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Over the years, ADONIS has received wide recognition in the Business Process Management world.

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