Picture this: a world where machines not only mimic human intelligence but surpass it, solving complex problems and predicting the future with astonishing accuracy.

The history of AI development resembles a thrilling sci-fi novel, full of breakthroughs, surprises, and the occasional controversy. From rule-based systems to powerful deep-learning neural networks, AI keeps revolutionizing industries and transforming our work processes.

Today, we stand at the dawn of a new era, where AI drives cutting-edge B2B software, including Business Process Management (BPM) suites. Read on to explore the remarkable evolution of artificial intelligence in BPM and learn about the novel AI capabilities that our BPM suite ADONIS offers.

AI: Extreme speeds following a rough start

While the concept of AI has been around since the 1950s, its early years were marked by more than a few stumbles and disappointments. The initial hype surrounding AI’s potential led to unrealistically high expectations, often overshadowing the limited technological capabilities of that time. Early attempts at building intelligent systems relied heavily on rule-based programming, where predefined code governed how machines would respond to specific inputs. Unfortuantely, these systems struggled to handle real-world complexity and lacked the adaptability to make them truly ‘intelligent’. These developments soon led to what became known as the “AI winter.” Eventually, the funding dried up, research stagnated, and many believed that AI was nothing more than an elusive dream. However, as history has shown us, great ideas have a way of resurfacing when the time is right.

The breakthrough that rekindled the flames of AI came with the advent of deep-learning, a subset of machine learning that uses neural networks to simulate the human brain’s interconnected web of neurons. Deep-learning allowed machines to learn directly from vast amounts of data, discovering patterns, and making predictions in a way that was previously deemed unimaginable. Suddenly, AI was back in the limelight, capturing the imagination of scientists, businesses, and the general public alike.

With recent advancements in processing power, the availability of big data, and the refinement of algorithms, the possibilities of AI began to expand rapidly. This newfound progress set the stage for AI to play a transformative role in various industries, including Business Process Management.

In the following sections of this blog post, we’ll delve deeper into how AI can revolutionize the way you manage your processes. We’ll shed light on the early prototypes in ADONIS, and lay out what the future may hold in store for all of us.

ADONIS may be smarter than you think

In recent years, Business Process Management tools have already reached impressive heights. Organizations are equipped with very powerful capabilities, ranging from process discovery and process modelling, and all the way to process optimization and automation through low-code/no-code solutions. However, by infusing AI capabilities into BPM suites, organizations can unlock a whole new realm of possibilities.

From intelligent design, discovery and process improvements, to real-time predictive analytics and cognitive insights – the merging of BPM and AI can propel Process Management to an unparalleled level. It’s an exciting time for businesses, as they embrace these cutting-edge technologies to optimize their operations, enhance customer and employee experiences, and drive innovation across the board.

When it comes to our BPM suite ADONIS, we take pride in being early pioneers in the exploration of AI’s potential within Process Management. This is why, already a few years ago, our dedicated innovation lab embarked on a journey to harness the power of AI and explore its potential for BPM tools.

Ontologies and other rule-based systems were some of the first concepts we used to look at smarter modelling and decision-making use cases. More recently, one of our notable experiments involved voice-based modelling, where we used the natural language-processing capabilities of AI to enable users to interact with ADONIS through voice commands. This innovative approach could one day, not only enhance the user experience, but also accelerate the process modelling phase by allowing for seamless and intuitive input.

What’s more, our innovation lab also worked on the concept of semantic enrichment, leveraging AI algorithms to interpret the descriptions of assets within the process repository. By understanding the context and meaning behind an asset’s description, the algorithm intelligently suggests the most relevant and fitting relationships with other assets. This semantic enrichment does not only save time, but also ensures a more accurate and comprehensive representation of the entire process architecture.

These pioneering prototypes are a testament of our commitment to staying at the forefront of technological advancements in the BPM domain. While some experiments are just the tip of the iceberg in exploring AI’s potential in Process Management, others have successfully made their way to the market already.

Ever asked ADONIS a question?

Nowadays, running an AI-based chatbot may not be the hottest of all news. Some years ago however, it definitely was! Our BPM suite ADONIS was the first to come out with a fully equipped chatbot that could give you actual advice, if and when you were in need. And it still can!

Preview of ADONIS BPM suite with AI chatbot Elli

Users of ADONIS Starter Edition, can rely on our chatbot Elli to get support in making the most out of their ADONIS experience. Answering to natural language questions, Elli provides helpful directions on searching for content in the ADONIS repository, but also on finding needed tool guidance – providing additional info on specific topics, or pointing users to helpful online resources on our BPM websites.

Further, in the very near future, as an ADONIS user you will receive recommendations on related process documentation directly through the ADONIS Process Portal. AWS machine learning services are used to anonymously analyse peer behaviour and will point those in search of helpful process documentation to the most beneficial resources. This recommender service does not only elevate the overall browsing experience, but also provides fascinating insights through personalized suggestions.

Example of AI recommender service in ADONIS BPM suite

While building these and other AI features in recent months, our AI capabilities have evolved even further – opening a spectrum of possibilities for enhanced functionalities that drive efficiency and innovation. In the next section, we will tell you how the largest part of a process designer’s work can be made fun and efficient at the same time…

Never fear the blank page again

Ever felt the painstaking emptiness of an blank whiteboard canvas during a workshop? The time before the first strokes land on a sheet of paper can seem endless. And it’s totally open, in which direction the creative process will evolve.

With the latest innovation in our BPM suite ADONIS, we add a spark of creativity while tremendously accelerating these early stages of conversation. Our innovative auto-modelling algorithm is designed to give you a head-start by providing a process model draft simply by telling the system, which process you need.

All you need to do is enter a process name into the user interface, and our AI assistant designs such process for you, from millions of data sources on the worldwide web. And to top it off: add a short description to your process, and you can make the process more specific and tailor it to your concrete needs. The algorithm intelligently analyses your input, and automatically maps out the process flow and generates a comprehensive flowchart. Users can choose the level of detail for the process, as well as which of the other process assets they want to display alongside the initial flowchart. Not only does this allow for a holistic and contextualized representation of your process, but it also saves a lot of time when starting off your documentation efforts. Too good to be true? Don’t just take our word for it. Have a look at it for yourself!

This remarkable auto-modelling capability can mark a turning point in the BPM application use cases, yet it is still just the beginning. It streamlines the process modelling phase, saves valuable time and efforts, and can be a great starting point for further discussions and enhancements. Future AI-infused capabilities may help us to compare process models semantically, highlighting patterns that may need further improvement, or – in turn – can be great sources for reproduction. While we have already come so far, we are all still just scratching the surface.

Where will AI lead BPM?

As we look to the future, it’s important to approach the integration of AI in Process Management with excitement, but still keep the right dose of skepticism, not to lose sight of potential pitfalls. While AI holds immense promise and can greatly enhance efficiency, decision-making, and innovation – it’s crucial to remember that it is not a silver bullet that will solve all challenges overnight.

We must not forget that AI is based on knowledge and algorithms and can only be as good as the data it processes. Further, the responsible and thoughtful implementation of AI is key, ensuring that it aligns with the unique needs and goals of each organization, its ethical standards and sustainability targets we all share. It need not be said, but it also must consider the data privacy and security questions, in particular when it comes to the possibly sensitive information and knowledge of every organization.

As we navigate this evolving landscape, ADONIS remains committed to driving the advancement of AI-powered BPM solutions further, while taking the pitfalls and legitimate concerns into consideration. Our focus is on providing businesses with the tools and capabilities to harness the full potential of AI, empowering them to streamline processes, gain valuable insights, and achieve operational excellence in a secure and compliant environment. Together, let us embark on this transformative journey, leveraging the power of AI to shape a future where intelligent Process Management becomes the new standard.

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