That’s why we’ve been continuously perfecting ADONIS’ capability to exchange BPMN data and diagrams with other BPM tools together with the Model Interchange Working Group (MIWG), ever since its very founding. ADONIS’ interoperability has repeatedly been challenged and showcased during OMG’s annual tests and “BPMN in Action” conferences, and our latest test results from 2021 – placing ADONIS on top of the list across all categories – add yet another great achievement to our long streak of successful compatibility results.

During the last public interoperability demo taking place in June of 2020, our BPM suite demonstrated outstanding BPMN-DI support and seamlessly exchanged BPMN diagrams with all 10 participating tools, and our team looks forward to continuing on this path and repeating ADONIS’ impeccable performance in this years demo in December. So be sure to stick around and stay tuned for more!

For insights on the latest BPMN MIWG test results click here.

To further explore ADONIS’ BPMN-DI capabilities and discover how you can leverage them to boost your BPM initiatives please get in touch with our team.

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