This was again successfully demoed during this year’s (virtual) OMG conference on June 22nd, 2020.
During the demo, BOC Group showcased the perfect BPMN-DI support of ADONIS to smoothly interchange BPMN diagrams with all 10 tools participating in the interoperability demo.

You can see the recording of the event on OMG’s YouTube channel:
We have participated in all public demonstrations of the BPMN diagram interchange and provided various scenarios for several of the demos. We also support all BPMN MIWG test cases.

The second part of the demonstration covers process automation based on BPMN. This time ADONIS was showing not only great analytical capabilities and powerful Insights dashboards providing a one stop shop for process managers and process analysts, but also ADONIS Process Automation integrating the BPMN-execution suite of TIM Solutions (to learn more visit: ADONIS Process Automation provides the ideal low-code support for human workflow execution and many kinds of digitization initiatives.

More information about BPMN MIWG visit:

To learn more about the details of ADONIS’ BPMN DI capabilities and how to most leverage this feature most effectively, simply get in touch with us

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