Automation of Processes with Modern Technologies & Groundbreaking Innovations: Introduction of TIM and ADONIS at Sopra Financial Technology GmbH

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  • Which points should be considered to successfully introduce and sustainably use process automation with TIM
  • What are the opportunities of the interaction between ADONIS and process automation with TIM
  • How process automation affects the execution of tasks and processes and how success can be recognized

Growing requirements and ever-evolving tasks are increasingly presenting IT with new challenges: the management of hardware and software, introduction of new technologies, IT services, compliance, as well as IT security or troubleshooting are just a few of the many activities that are part of IT’s area of responsibility. To accomplish these tasks as expected, an important factor, automation, comes into play.

Process automation can free up resources and personnel to work more efficiently and innovatively. Process automation software can create synergies between the IT infrastructure, the systems and the applications used. Thus, the growth of the organization can be sustainably increased.

TIM’s process automation transforms business process models from ADONIS into executable workflows with only a few clicks. This allows everyone involved to focus on the essentials, while TIM takes care of everything else in the background. Depending on predefined visibility, process participants can access individual work packages and information at any time. Those responsible always keep an eye on the current process status.

In this session, you will gain a comprehensive insight into the introduction of process automation with ADONIS and TIM at Sopra Financial Technology GmbH. There will be an exchange on the expectations, goals, as well as experiences within all phases of the project. In addition, the advantages of process automation with TIM in interaction with ADONIS will be discussed and explained.

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