The BOC Group customer and friends’ meeting in Poland, which took place on May 18, 2023, first of all was an opportunity to exchange experiences in implementing Business Process Management. The wonderful speakers shared their BPM experience, but long coffee break conversations between participants also provided this opportunity.

The opening speech was given by Harald Kühn, Member of the Board of BOC Group. Participants had the chance to get know current strategy of the BOC Group and the directions of development of particular products.

Agata Mielcarek, who is the Business Process Excellence Office Manager, spoke about the background, current status and benefits achieved from implementing the process approach in the InPost Group – building process architecture and a repository in an international organization operating on such a large scale is quite a challenge!

Olga Wróblewska from the Strategy Department of PFR SA presented the company’s journey through various levels of process maturity. Linking process objectives with the strategic objectives of the organization was a great move.

Jolanta Durasiewicz (CEO of Impel Business Solutions) and Katarzyna Międła (Head of the Process Management Office of Impel SA) captivated the participants with their story about the transition from a functional approach to a process perception of the organization in the Impel Group. Everyone agreed that process orientation is a journey, not a goal.

Jarosław Cegłowski, the manager of the process team at PKP Intercity, inspired the audience with how wisely to plan and implement a process approach to management. During the presentation, a sixth, previously unknown, level of process maturity was also revealed, which the company is striving towards :-)

Urszula Standziak-Proczka inspired the participants with how to share knowledge and experience in the area of process management – the Process Management Group working at the Committee for the Quality of Financial Services within the Polish Bank Association is an excellent example of process experience exchange.

The presentation closing the meeting was provided by Michał Kossowski and Zbigniew Misiak from the Polish branch of the BOC Group. The biggest stir in the room was caused by the pre-release demonstration of the use of artificial intelligence in working with processes in the ADONIS system.

We thank all the speakers and participants – thanks to you the atmosphere of the meeting was exceptional!

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