Find out here what motivated him to start at BOC Group, whether he always wanted to work in the IT industry and how he sees the connection between university and practice.

How did you experience your first months at BOC Germany?

You get directly involved and are given your own tasks in various projects that you can support. After my induction phase, I was already able to carry out parts of the customer projects independently. I always have a close contact person at BOC whom I can approach with questions and problems. Since everyone is always very helpful and happy to take time for you, I immediately felt very comfortable in my team. I also learned a lot during my first few months at the BOC.

What motivated you to submit your application to the BOC Group?

I knew that I wanted to become a consultant and researched what opportunities were available. One of the things I like about the BOC Group is that the company is represented at many universities. I already got to know the two tools ADONIS and ADOIT there.

I got in touch with the BOC Group early on because a former employee was a professor at my university and he only had good things to say. I attended the Enterprise Architecture Management (EAM) course with him. He told me a lot about what the job of a consultant entails and what tasks this job entails. That convinced me once again in my career choice. That’s why I asked him during my studies what the best way was to apply for a job at the BOC Group.

The BOC Group is an IT company, have you been interested in IT for a long time?

I came across various IT topics during my studies, but I didn’t have this area directly in mind for my future. When I started working with the tool, I realised that it not only has a theoretical and technical part, but also a practical part. It convinced me to have a comfortable tool to interact with. It also took away my fear of only being busy with error messages and programming.

To what extent did your studies prepare you for the real world?

It’s important to be taught the economic basics, for example to recognise and understand connections. But I think you can only learn by doing it yourself. Of course, it helps to have knowledge in IT and economics. The university helped me prepare for professional life, but “learning by doing” is my top priority. I recommend everyone to do an internship or a student job beforehand.

Have you already been able to observe that you have acquired new skills during your work?

Professionally, I have learned a lot, including many things that I had never heard of before. One skill I had to learn was to organise myself as efficiently as possible. I was always spontaneous and didn’t plan much, but now I have tasks and projects where I have to organise the process myself and be in charge.

When you tell your friends about your job at BOC Group, how do you do it?

I always say we help companies develop their process management. Mostly I do this by giving trainings on how to use the BOC software ADONIS. In addition, we also offer methodical consulting, where we help our customers with all their process management questions and problems. They always find it very impressive as it is a perfect amalgamation of technical, methodical and strategic knowledge.

Thank you very much for the interview Johannes!

The BOC Group is very pleased that Johannes Ludwig has now completed his 12-month trainee period with great success and will be a permanent part of the consulting team at BOC Germany.

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