You study and live in France, why did you decide to do an internship at BOC Group in Austria?

I had to spend three months in a foreign country as a requirement from my school, which I could fulfill through a university program. The opportunity to do my internship in Vienna came to my attention because one of my professors, who happens to be an acquaintance of Dr. Harald Kühn, recommended the internship to me.

How were your first steps during this internship and how did you experience working abroad?

The initial challenge was that I had never applied my knowledge in a practical setting before. This aspect concerned me initially. However, working with a French team made the transition smoother, and I believe it helped boost my confidence. Additionally, I had the advantage of participating in numerous interviews conducted in English, which presented a great opportunity for me to practice my language skills.

What were your tasks and objectives during your internship?

My main goal was to help the consultant team. I focused on creating a reference system in ADOIT to provide practical examples that could assist people in their work. By working closely with my team and clients, we developed ways to use ADOIT more effectively.

What were the main challenges you faced during these three months? How did you manage them?

The primary challenges I faced included working with ADOIT, a tool with which I had no prior experience. Additionally, I was assigned to a subject I had limited knowledge of. Despite these first difficulties, I succeeded in achieving my objectives and discovered my capability to learn independently.

How did you benefit from your studies during your internship?

The subject of my internship focused on Information Systems and Security, a field that holds immense significance for my entire professional career. The knowledge and experience I gained will continue to be invaluable throughout my life.

Which skills and qualifications helped you most during your time abroad?

I believe I demonstrated the ability to learn quickly and adapt rapidly during my internship. Initially, I was unfamiliar with ADOIT, the country, and my new living situation. However, within a few weeks, I successfully navigated through these challenges.

What would you tell your friends and colleagues about your time at BOC Group?

I developed a genuine connection for the people I worked with; they were all quite amiable. The atmosphere in the company was consistently lively and enjoyable. Despite the relatively short duration of my three-month internship, I felt very integrated into the team and the company as a whole.

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