Now, the time’s come to extend this success story into something even greater, and take free professional EA to the next level yet again. We’re proud to announce the launch of our brand new ADOIT:Community Edition. Still absolutely free, yet more stunning and powerful than ever – and most importantly – for the first time with this release, hosted in the cloud!

Based on the latest version of our commercial EA suite – ADOIT 11.0 – the new ADOIT:CE steals the limelight with its fresh design, state-of-the-art functionality and exceptional user experience. Our ADOIT Enterprise Edition offers a vast array of features, including smart, web-based architecture modelling, full ArchiMate 3.1 support, outstanding visualization and analysis capabilities, and more – all of which users can now leverage in ADOIT:CE too!

Here are some brief examples of what the free ADOIT:Community Edition is capable of:

What’s more, the new ADOIT:CE comes armed with an extensive sample content repository for you to play around with and explore in preparation for your EA initiatives. And to ease your way into mastering the tool, ADOIT:CE offers a Knowledge Centre with a variety of handy tutorial videos, that will help you get up to speed in no time, regardless of your EA expertise.

Last but not least, all ADOIT:CE users also become members of the ADOIT:Community, an online platform specially dedicated to fostering the exchange of ideas and experiences in EA, as well as promoting EA with ADOIT:Community Edition. This way, users get the opportunity to contribute to and benefit from numerous lively discussions, and rely on the support of their fellow community members.

The new ADOIT:CE is officially OUT NOW – so, explore the full range of ADOIT for Enterprise Architecture on or – even better – go get a free, personal ADOIT:CE account today and be among the first to take this remarkable piece of software for a spin!

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