Managing your audits just got a lot easier — with the integration of Audit Management in various management systems, supported in ADONIS and ADOGRC. Use our latest Add-on Integrated Audit Management to structure, organize and control your audits in the most efficient way possible. Acquire an accurate overview on all audits’ status and profit from the increased level of transparency.

Here is a brief summary on how the Integrated Audit Management Add-On benefits your organization:

  • Full Audit Programme Life Cycle Support
    Combine process, supplier, certification audits etc. into one audit programme to stay on top of them — for now, and the future!
  • Plan & Execute Audits
    Generate an “Audit Plan” from ADONIS to see the individual appointments as well as further information on your audits’ progress.
  • Audit Results and Initiatives in Sight
    With the add-on for workflow-supported action tracking, you stay up-to-date on any improvements made. As an auditor, check the effectiveness of any initiative to either accept the result or to request improvements. It’s a win-win for both parties!

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