You study and live in France, why did you decide to do an internship at BOC Group in Austria?

During my studies, I had the chance to spend four months in Montreal, Canada, and that experience truly resonated with me. I loved the opportunity to explore a new country and immerse myself in a different culture. Given that my school has a strong connection with BOC Group, discovering an internship opportunity in Austria was a significant advantage. It presented me with the chance to relocate to a wonderful city that I was eager to explore further. Furthermore, the internship offer aligns perfectly with my field of interest, and the fact that Austria shares the same time zone as France makes the transition much smoother. I genuinely enjoyed the entire interview process.

How were your first steps during this internship and how did you experience working abroad?

I was fortunate to receive a warm and welcoming reception from the team at BOC Group. In no time, I felt at ease, like a genuine part of the team, allowing me to quickly adapt and establish a solid routine. The adaptation process was seamless, and the Onboarding Weeks were a great opportunity to connect with new people.

What were your tasks and objectives during your internship?

My main objective was to support the consultant team, and my primary project involved creating a reference system or frame of reference in ADONIS. This reference system aimed to provide practical examples to assist individuals in their work. I also conducted a webinar to explain the data management in ADONIS. Collaborating closely with the clients, we developed this reference system to aid them in using ADONIS effectively. The work I accomplished not only benefited the client I worked with but also proved to be valuable for other clients facing similar challenges.

What were the main challenges you faced during these three months? How did you manage them?

The primary challenge of a short internship is the need for rapid adaptation; it often feels like a plunge into uncharted waters. I was also tasked with conducting client meetings, which was a new experience for me. What eased this process was meticulous preparation. I found that thorough preparation significantly reduced stress and helped me navigate these situations more effectively.

How did you benefit from your studies during your internship?

My educational background at Ecole de Mine provided me with a robust technical foundation, which proved invaluable in quickly grasping data management and business process management. The school’s curriculum significantly contributed to my proficiency in these areas.

Moreover, during my time at Ecole de Mine, I had the opportunity to participate in a project where we established a small company. This practical experience involved simulated client meetings, which not only strengthened my technical skills but also nurtured my ability to engage in client interactions and work collaboratively within a team.

During my internship as a Student Trainee, I gained valuable insights and practical experience that complemented my academic studies. Engaging in tasks such as Sales Support, Training Support, and providing assistance in Customer Care and Advice allowed me to apply theoretical knowledge from my studies directly to real-world scenarios. This hands-on experience not only deepened my understanding of the subject matter but also honed my practical skills in areas relevant to my academic pursuits. Additionally, the internship provided a holistic perspective, bridging the gap between classroom learning and professional application, ultimately enhancing my overall academic and practical skill set.

Which skills and qualifications helped you most during your time abroad?

Being in a foreign, German-speaking country, the primary language of communication within the office is English. When engaging in conversations, English is the norm. Adaptation is a key skill here, one that I’ve already honed during my time in Canada. Comfort with change is essential, particularly given the transition to a new system and culture. As an example, lunchtime at 12 is a departure from the typical 2 o’clock in France, highlighting the need to adjust to different customs.

What would you tell your friends and colleagues about your time at BOC Group?

It was an incredibly enriching experience, and we felt like integral members of the French team, who welcomed us warmly. The opportunity allowed us to explore and learn a great deal. The location in Vienna further facilitated the development of both our commercial and professional skills. The entire experience was highly enjoyable and went by in the blink of an eye, a clear indicator of the wonderful time we had.

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