Process Impact Series 2021

Part of BOC Group’s 2021 Global Impact Series

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Get expert tips and actionable insights for streamlining your business processes,
driving operational efficiency and transforming your organization inside and out.
From business-IT alignment, to hyperautomation, process excellence and more.
Join one of our three Focus Weeks, or the Global Summit this summer, and fast-track your digital future!

Expert Insights from 500+ projects

Participants from 50+ countries

Easy online access

Expert Insights from 500+ projects

Participants from 50+ countries

Easy online access

From the speakers’ panel…

Dr. Christian Lichka

Member of the Board

Tobias Rausch


Product Manager

The Process Impact Series 2021

With the accelerated pace of digital transformation and highly intensified disruption across all industries, the need for business professionals to continuously innovate their way of digital thinking and leadership has never been higher.

Through our Process Impact Series events, we are bringing together brilliant industry experts and thought leaders and providing a digital platform to facilitate the exchange of experiences, best practices & key insights on process management, digital business innovation, strategy and transformation.

Tune in to our different digital events throughout the year and take away key learnings to empower your company to lead and thrive through change! We look forward to exchanging with you!

Invite Your Colleagues To Join!

Share these events with peers and co-workers, have them benefit too, and help our expert community grow further!

Invite Your Colleagues To Join!

Invite Your Colleagues To Join!

Focus Weeks

Join us in our Event Series. The subject of BPM is as extensive as enjoyable, so we spread it into various Focus Weeks.

Focus Week 1

Process Implementation

Get key expert tips and proven best practices for realizing your process-based ERP implementation. Discover how to effectively sustain Business-IT alignment.

Focus Week 2

Digital Business Transformation

Learn from transformation professionals spearheading digital initiatives.
Dive into the challenges, success stories and lessons from their digital transformation journeys.


The Global Business Impact Summit

Connect with leading experts in BPM, EA and GRC in an immersive digital experience spanning across the globe. Unlock key strategies to make your business architecture future-proof.

… and more coming soon!

We are continuously adding new engaging topics to the mix so be sure to sign-up to hear about it first!

Focus Weeks

Process Excellence

Hear from process experts driving the culture of continuous improvement.
Find out how to boost your organizational performance and deliver sustainable business results in an agile way.

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