Are you teaching organizational and management courses specializing in the practice of business process management? Or are you working in academia and have an interest in the latest and greatest in BPM software? Then you might find our BPM Academy offering very interesting.

The BPM Academy is a world-class, free educational programme for studying and applying BPM, used by over 200 lecturers and institutions worldwide. Hundreds of courses with over 5,000 students are delivered each year using the BOC Academic Bundle, consisting of ADONIS, the world-class BPM software, and a wide range of academic resources. Our mission is to provide students with their first hands-on practical BPM experiences, develop their modeling skills, and build an early understanding of the fundamental structure of business processes.

Process management is the cornerstone of most organizations today. This is why it is important for everyone, regardless of whether they ultimately model and revise the processes themselves or not, to be able to understand how a process hierarchy is structured and what it is based on. Students can benefit from learning all this not only theoretically, but by modeling, documenting and analysing real process examples directly in a process management tool.

What makes BOC Group’s BPM Academy Programme so special?

As a lecturer, you have various hurdles to overcome in the preparation and delivery of your BPM courses. These range from choosing the theoretical foundation, to selecting the right tool to support that foundation, to retaining and motivating students. The BPM Academy is your one-stop shop that addresses all of these concerns and more. It not only provides you with a free tool, but it also offers a wide range of benefits that support both you and your students in their academic pursuits.

World-class BPM modelling software

The BPM tool ADONIS is available in five languages and supports the BPMN 2.0 standard and a “BPMN fit for business” metamodel extension – based on almost 30 years of BPM experience – to even better support business use cases. With its user-friendly interface and intuitive navigation, ADONIS is not only the perfect basis for students to model with BPMN, but even helps to understand it intuitively and prepares the perfect basis for learning by doing. This also includes a whole process landscape based on our fictitious company ADOmoney Bank, allowing students – and, of course, lecturers – to benefit from an exemplary process structure of a real organization. ADONIS is used by SMEs and large corporations worldwide, providing students with an insight into how companies design their processes even before they begin their professional lives.

Wide range of academic resources

Knowing that software alone, no matter how good, is not enough to curate and deliver unique BPM courses, BOC Academy also offers a wide range of academic resources, ranging from supporting materials – slides and exercises that minimize your course preparation efforts – to tutorial videos and documentation available to both lecturers and students. Our tutorial videos that explain how to use ADONIS in just a few minutes, are particularly popular. Students can follow along as they model their first process and take advantage of our advanced features.

Guest lectures and internship opportunities

As a spin-off of the University of Vienna and home to process management experts, we attach great importance to cooperation with universities. Therefore, we also offer guest lectures delivered by our specialists that can be requested according to the individual needs of the academic institution.

Students who would like to complete an internship as part of their studies or out of pure curiosity also have the opportunity to put their knowledge into practice with us. We offer internships in various areas such as consulting, development, data science and more. Thereby, we always place special emphasis on further education. Likewise, theses are a useful way of gathering practical experience in a company like ours and gaining an even deeper insight into process management.

Your next steps

All of these special ingredients contribute to transforming classroom experiences worldwide. If you are interested in our Academic offering, then sign-up for your free BPM Academy account now. This is done in only a few clicks and you will receive free access to ADONIS and all supporting materials. Don’t wait any longer: Join our global community of more than 10.000 lecturers and students and deliver your best BPM courses with ease.

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