The incorporation of new technologies continues to take center stage in the business world, strategic planning, communication and good leadership are pillars for aligning processes effectively and agilely in an organization in the face of transformation.

Such planning has become even more crucial due to the complexity and urgency of digital transformation initiatives. Therefore, enterprise architecture and digital transformation play fundamental roles. By complementing each other, this integration enables a holistic view of the organization and its objectives.

Latitude Enterprise Consulting, a company with a deep understanding of these issues, stands as a beacon of expertise in the Costa Rican and Latin American market. Their unique methodology and holistic perspective in understanding, implementing, and deploying Enterprise Architecture have earned them a leading position.

At BOC Group, we are proud to announce our strategic alliance with Latitude Enterprise Consulting. This partnership will focus on integrating the ADOIT enterprise platform and offering innovative solutions for Costa Rican companies to successfully address the challenges of digitalization.

Latitude will initially focus on the Costa Rican market; however, its potential harbors great opportunity for expansion to other markets in the region. From BOC Group’s side, we underline our commitment to promoting innovation and operational excellence in Latin America and beyond.

Marco Blen, founding partner of Latitude expressed his enthusiasm about the partnership:  “We are a Costa Rican capital consulting firm, with more than 15 years of bringing disruptive thinking and a differentiated value proposition to our clients, to bring tangible value in each project we develop from start to finish, therefore leaving a mark and being part of our client’s growth, is what generates satisfaction for us and we are proud that this is so, and this alliance with BOC GROUP generates a lot of enthusiasm for us, because it will enrich our value proposition towards our clients, who are our reason for being”.

David Orensanz, Managing Director of BOC Group IBAM, commented: “The combination of Latitude’s vast experience in the enterprise architecture sector and our advanced ADOIT platform offers an exceptional opportunity for companies in Costa Rica and potentially in other markets. We firmly believe this collaboration will drive change and growth, setting a new standard in digitization and optimization of business processes.”

To learn more about the ADOIT platform and how it can transform enterprise architecture management in your organization, please visit our website.

About Latitude

Latitude has established itself as a leading consulting firm in Costa Rica, specializing in enterprise architecture and digital transformation. Dedicated to innovation and digital evolution, Latitude is poised to lead change in enterprise architecture management and expand its influence by bringing advanced solutions throughout the region and beyond.


Contact:      Marco Blen Castro, Managing Partner Latam,

Tel:                (506) 8352-8805

About BOC Group

BOC Group is a global leader in business modeling software in the areas of business process management with ADONIS, enterprise architecture with ADOIT, and governance, risk, and compliance management with ADOGRC. These products enable clients worldwide to successfully and continuously redesign their digital businesses to ensure success at all organizational levels.

Its more than 1,500 clients range from small and medium-sized businesses to Fortune 500 companies. Additionally, its network of partners includes 90 partners worldwide.

Some BOC Group clients in Latin America & Spain include:

  • Telefónica
  • HDI Seguros
  • Correos España
  • Copa Airlines
  • Liberty Latam
  • Savills


Contact:        Reinaldo Hoffman Lange,, Tel: +34 661 65 1145

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