This partnership combines BOC Group’s world-class Enterprise Modelling Software (ADONIS, ADOIT and ADOGRC) with specialised consulting services of Doxa Advisers, to help support Brazilian clients through successful business transformations.

“We’re seing an increasing number of Brazilian organizations expressing interest in our BPM, EA and GRC solutions to enhance their operational efficiency and transform their business operations. We intend to collaborate in a way that not only meets, but exceeds the expectations of our Brazilian customers, and we strongly believe in Doxa Advisers to truly make that happen” – Enrique Lobo Cruz, Global Market Development Manager at BOC Group

“BOC Group and Doxa Advisers both believe that successful change can only come about through in-depth understanding of how companies are built today, understanding the vulnerabilities, and areas of improvement to enhance those necessary changes. Enterprise architecture is a key tool for building and sustaining healthy businesses; it is an important step in avoiding outdated operating models, correcting them, or at the very least, have a better ability to address them in the future.” – Enio Klein CEO at Doxa Advisers

Customers of both partners can now benefit from the strengths and offerings of both partners, which merges state of the art technology, professional expertise and talent.

About Doxa Advisers

Doxa Advisers is a Brazil and US-based IT and business consultancy company in the business process management and enterprise architecture consulting industry, with offices in Sao Paulo, Brazil and Miami, Florida. Operating in the Brazilian market since 2015, Doxa Advisers is dedicated to increasing business productivity by combining innovation and management consulting services to help companies address new and existing challenges, enabling them to plan and accomplish their goals and objectives in a time and cost-effective manner. Built with solid experience in the software and business consulting industry, Doxa operates on following business pillars: revenue chain, IT and Governance – Compliance – Risk. Doxa Advisers also specializes in providing expert services in the fields of information security, “LGPD” and risk management.


About the BOC Group

BOC Group, technological leader developing and delivering software products and services for effective and extensive business management in an era of digital transformation, offers software, consulting and training within the scope of Business Process Management, Enterprise Architecture Management, and Risk and Compliance Management all under one roof. For more than 25 years, BOC Group’s software tools ADONIS, ADOIT and ADOGRC are established on the market and are used by Fortune 500 companies, as well as small and medium-sized enterprises around the globe. With 245 employees across 8 European locations, BOC Group continuously strives and works towards improving, advancing and growing their products and services, with unremitting innovation as part of their DNA and one of their most crucial success factors.


BOC Group

Enrique Lobo Cruz
+43-1-905 10 81-0

Doxa Advisers

Enio Klein

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