BOC Group, a global leader in process management solutions and digital transformation, is pleased to announce its exciting new collaboration with bstructural, a leading information technology company based in Australia. This strategic partnership aims to offer a comprehensive solution in business process management in Australia through the powerful business process management platform ADONIS.

With its long history of delivering world-class solutions for efficient business process management, BOC Group has found in bstructural an ideal partner to expand its presence in Australia. The collaboration will allow both companies to leverage their strengths and experience in their respective areas to offer a complete solution, from business process documentation to automation to Australian organizations in their quest for operational excellence and continuous improvement.

Blanca Bastos, Founder & Managing Director of bstructural, expressed her enthusiasm for the strategic alliance: “We are excited to partner with BOC Group and to introduce and expand ADONIS in Australia. With our extensive experience and structural approach in business process modelling and automation, bstructural will now offer an end-to-end business process management solution, allowing Australian organizations to effectively structure their people, processes, and technology for heightened operational efficiency, increased productivity, and a reduction in costs and risks.”

ADONIS is a leading global business process management platform noted for its wide range of tools spanning process design and analysis to optimization and automation. Its efficient implementation translates into a significant improvement in operational efficiency, cost reduction, and the enhancement of quality in the services provided by organizations.

As a new partner of BOC Group, bstructural will play a key role in the promotion and marketing of ADONIS in Australia.

Both companies are committed to innovation and excellence in business process management and are confident that this partnership will bring significant benefits to Australian organizations looking to improve their operations and achieve sustainable growth.

For more information about ADONIS and how it can benefit your organization, please visit:

About bstructural

bstructural excels in connecting people, processes, and systems, embodying an unwavering commitment to excellence. Our comprehensive suite of services spans business process modelling, automation, optimization, and monitoring. Employing cutting-edge methodologies, we meticulously model business processes, analysing and streamlining workflows to elevate operational efficiency and foster organizational excellence. Pioneering intelligent automation solutions, we tailor our services to meet the dynamic needs of modern enterprises.

Recognizing the imperative of continuous improvement, bstructural employs advanced optimization strategies to refine business processes. Through data-driven insights, we identify bottlenecks, implement strategic enhancements, and ensure optimal resource utilization. Our dedication extends to real-time monitoring solutions, providing robust mechanisms for organizations to proactively address evolving challenges and maintain operational resilience.

At bstructural, a client-centric ethos is paramount. Our dedicated team collaborates closely with each client, understanding their unique challenges and aspirations, ensuring a partnership that goes beyond conventional service provider relationships.


Contact:        Blanca Bastos – Managing Director, E-mail:, Tel: +61 410 419 806

About BOC Group

BOC Group is a global leader in Enterprise Modelling Software across the domains of Business Process Management with ADONIS, Governance Risk and Compliance with ADOGRC and Enterprise Architecture with ADOIT. Enabling customers globally to successfully and continuously re-design their digital enterprise to ensure business success at every level of the organization. Enterprise Architects choose ADOIT because of its intuitive support of Business Architecture and the powerful integrations capabilities to operational systems like ServiceNow, Jira and Confluence that bring EA to life.

BOC customers include, among others:

  • Allianz
  • Telekom Malaysia
  • Emerson
  • Hilti

BOC delivers products and services globally to over 1,000 companies supported by over 90 partners around the globe.


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