BOC Group is pleased to announce a new partnership with envite consulting. envite consulting is a German-based sustainable IT solutions consulting firm that aims to make a positive contribution to the climate goal by making the world a more livable place through necessary transformations.

Together we present: “Workflow Link for ADOGRC”

This partnership combines BOC Group’s world-class enterprise modelling software (ADONIS and ADOGRC) with envite consulting’s specialized IT application consulting services to accurately plan, record and process control implementations while maintaining the best overview. The “Workflow Link for ADOGRC” by BOC Group and envite consulting guarantees successful (transformation) and sustainable controls in every company.

“Governance, Risk and Compliance is moving more and more into the focus of our customers. We are very pleased to be able to lay the foundation for process improvements, risk assessments and also the effectiveness of controls. We are particularly proud to have envite consulting as our partner.  – Thanks to ‘Workflow Link for ADOGRC’, an effective and sustainable documentation of control implementations in workflow-supported processes can be ensured.” – Frank Follmann, Management Consultant at BOC Group.

“Digitalization and process automation with workflow systems like Camunda are a high priority for our customers. A link with the central process management and especially the necessary control systems is often not yet considered and leads to high personnel expenses. We are therefore very pleased about the cooperation with BOC Group and hope to be able to significantly improve the degree of automation and quality with our joint solution, the ‘Workflow Link for ADOGRC’.” – Jörg Wißmeier, Practice Lead Green BPM at envite consulting.

Clients of envite consulting and BOC Group can now benefit from the strengths and offerings of both partners, combining state-of-the-art technology, professional expertise and talent.

About envite consulting

As a specialized consultancy, envite consulting focuses on sustainability in information technology. Through foresight and a strong focus on energy and resource efficiency, envite makes a significant contribution to a world worth living in. In the context of process automation, the topic of Green BPM is advanced, which always takes the dimension of sustainability of processes into account.

envite consulting supports projects in the energy, insurance, banking and public service sectors. Courage, determination and a curiosity for innovation, in combination with more than 15 years of experience in process automation, form a solid foundation that continually inspires creative ideas.


Contact:       Jörg Wißmeier – Practice Lead Green BPM, Telefon: +49 1511 4959223

About BOC Group

BOC Group is a global leader in Enterprise Modelling Software across the Enterprise Business Process Analysis (EBPA), Governance Risk and Compliance (GRC) and Enterprise Architecture (EA) domains. With BOC Group, customers can successfully and continuously re-design their digital enterprise to ensure business success at every level of the organization.

BOC delivers products and services globally to over 1,000 companies supported by over 120 partners around the globe.

ADONIS customers include

  • Allianz
  • Comcast
  • Emerson
  • Hilti
  • Telefonica


Contact:       Frank Follmann, Management Consultant, Telefon: +49-30-2269-2510

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