Continued recognition in the EAMS Landscape for BOC Group

As the Enterprise Architecture Management landscape evolves, we at BOC Group are proud to announce our recognition in the recently released Q2 2024 report by Forrester Research Inc., titled “The Enterprise Architecture Management Suites Landscape.” This comprehensive report provides valuable insights into the realm of EAMS, offering an overview of 15 vendors, including BOC Group.

Forrester’s report underscores the pivotal role of EA suites in furnishing a panoramic view of organizational ecosystems and facilitating strategic decision-making processes. Architects rely on these suites to navigate change, mitigate risks, and optimize costs, leveraging AI to democratize EA.

An EA suite serves as a crucial tool for enterprise architects and other professionals, enabling them to capture, manage, and report on strategic and operational assets. By leveraging these suites, organizations gain invaluable insights that inform and guide their strategic direction.

Reflecting on this recognition, Christoph Moser, ADOIT Product Manager, remarked, “We are delighted to be recognized in Forrester’s Q2 2024 report. It validates the importance of EAMS in shaping the future of enterprise architecture. At BOC Group, we remain committed to empowering organizations worldwide, facilitating their journey towards digital transformation and sustainable success.

About ADOIT:

The Business Transformation Suite ADOIT supports customers worldwide in the digital transformation of their enterprise, facilitates alignment of their business and IT, and helps generate value through analysing dependencies between organizational assets.

*The Enterprise Architecture Management Suites Landscape, Q2 2024 Forrester Research, Inc., May 21st, 2024

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