The list represents a high-profile acknowledgment of the included companies based on an in-depth analysis conducted over several months, as well as intensive screening of the thousandths of organizations in the information and communication technology sector.

Based on our consistent and sustainable growth, BOC Group was recognized again and ranked 91st out of the 1001 companies included.

We are thrilled to be featured, and continuously improving our position from one year to the next – surrounded by the industry’s 100 largest players.

Innovative, continuously-evolving technology leaders have become the driving force of digital transformation in the global business landscape, and we are delighted to be among the Austria’s best.

As we continue to grow our global client base at BOC Group, we look forward to contributing to the European technology scene further, and developing great products and services with the most enlightened entrepreneurs and innovators out there.

So, hang tight and stay tuned for all the exciting things lying ahead!

*Computerwelt, Top 1001:

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