BOC Group is proud to announce its new strategic alliance with Flexus Consulting, a renowned consultancy in Mexico’s energy sector. This collaboration focuses on integrating the excellence of ADONIS’s process management platform to offer innovative solutions that enable the energy sector to face the challenges of digital transformation effectively.

With an initial focus on the Mexican market, this strategic partnership aims to potentially extend its benefits to other markets, underscoring our commitment to promoting innovation and operational excellence in Latin America and globally.

Angel Briceño, CEO of Flexus Consulting, expressed optimism about this alliance: “We are excited about this collaboration with ADONIS. It allows us to enrich our service offering in the energy sector by integrating ADONIS’s robust platform to optimize and transform our clients’ business processes. Although we will initially focus on Mexico, this alliance opens doors to new opportunities in other markets.”

David Orensanz, Managing Director of BOC Group IBAM, commented: “The synergy between Flexus Consulting’s deep sector experience and our advanced ADONIS process management platform is an exceptional opportunity for companies in Mexico and potentially in other markets. We are convinced that this partnership will drive change and growth, establishing a new standard in digitalization and process optimization in the energy sector.”

For more information about the ADONIS platform and how it can transform process management in your organization, visit our website:

About Flexus Consulting

Flexus Consulting has established itself as a leader in consulting in Mexico, specializing in the energy sector. Dedicated to innovation and digital transformation, Flexus Consulting is ready to lead the evolution in process management and expand its influence by taking its advanced solutions across the region and beyond.


Contact:      Angel Briceño – Executive Director , E-mail:, Tel: +52 9381277062

About BOC Group

BOC Group is a global leader in business modeling software in the areas of business process management with ADONIS, enterprise architecture with ADOIT, and governance, risk, and compliance management with ADOGRC. These products enable clients worldwide to successfully and continuously redesign their digital businesses to ensure success at all organizational levels.

Its more than 1,500 clients range from small and medium-sized businesses to Fortune 500 companies. Additionally, its network of partners includes 90 partners worldwide.

Some BOC Group clients in Latin America & Spain include:

  • Telefónica
  • HDI Seguros
  • Correos España
  • Copa Airlines
  • Liberty Latam
  • Savills


Contact:        Reinaldo Hoffman Lange,, Tel: +34 661 65 1145

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