The latest release advances some of the core elements of the ADONIS BPM experience, including how users capture and document their processes end-to-endre-use content across their business architecturesanalyse key BPM assets and act on data-driven findings. Led by the voices of our customers, ADONIS 14.0 encompasses highly requested updates that push the productivity of designers, analysts and readers further, and empower them to do their best BPM work on the fly.

Leverage the latest improvements to accelerate your daily efforts, add more impact to every click, and hit your transformation milestones even faster! Here’s a quick preview of what ADONIS 14.0 has in store:

  • Automatic sync of process attributes
  • Quick conversion of modelling objects
  • Easier navigation and repository filtering
  • Rich text formatting in the drawing area
  • New Bar Chart
  • And more!

Head over to our what’s new page now and discover the latest release in full detail!

The Business Transformation Suite ADONIS is BOC Group’s flagship product and Business Process Management and Analysis tool. This fully web-based state-of-the-art management suite takes the core and essence of BPM and extends it with leading methods and frameworks to enable today’s organizations worldwide to manage the ever-changing complexity of the digital enterprise.

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