ADONIS 13.0 puts users’ engagement into focus more than ever before, and delivers incredible updates to your analysis use cases – changing the way you visualize and communicate your BPM data forever. Leverage the new charting concept to create your perfect custom analyses and share valuable BPM findings in more seamless and comprehensive ways. Dynamically assess the business architecture from different angles, dive deeper to discover new insights, and even highlight specific aspects of your data set with Colouring to bring new dimensions to light.

The latest UX overhaul gives you more control over your BPM data so you can tell your story, engage everyone, and turn your transformation vision into reality, faster.

Here’s a peek at what’s new:

  • New custom charting possibilities
  • Seamless analysis sharing
  • Dynamic dependency modeller
  • Heatmapping options
  • And more!

Switch over to our what’s new page to explore the latest updates in full detail.

The Business Transformation Suite ADONIS is BOC Group’s flagship product and Business Process Management and Analysis tool. This fully web-based state-of-the-art management suite takes the core and essence of BPM and extends it with leading methods and frameworks to enable today’s organizations worldwide to manage the ever-changing complexity of the digital enterprise.

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