ADOIT 16.0 fuels the perfect architecture coworking experience, making it easier than ever for all users – from complete beginners to ultimate pros – to get involved in transformation initiatives and deliver meaningful EA results fast. The new updates bring out the best of ADOIT, allowing you to dynamically team up with colleagues, tackle specific EA use cases pragmatically and drive tangible business value in just a few steps.

This release also marks the debut of the new user-centric services in ADOIT, designed to help users effortlessly work together on addressing particular business needs, and maximize the impact of their efforts in the shortest amount of time. Application investment planning is the first of many such services to come, enabling companies to seamlessly evaluate the business and IT fitness of their applications, and define the best-fitting investment approach accordingly.

From fostering effective collaboration and empowering targeted EA work, to taking architecture efforts a step further with smart machine learning capabilities – ADOIT 16.0 forever changes the EA game for all users, and gives way to a new chapter in democratizing transformation and taking Enterprise Architecture organization-wide.

Here’s a glimpse of what this new release brings:

  • Focused EA work with user-centric services
  • Seamless collaboration through new workspaces
  • Smart application rationalization with Application Investment Planning
  • And more!

Jump into our what’s new page now to discover the latest improvements in full detail.

About ADOIT:

Enterprise Architecture requires teamwork. ADOIT is the ideal collaboration space for cross functional teams to bring innovation and transformation initiatives to life. With its numerous and role-specific views and reports, informed decisions can be made to have an immediate impact on business outcomes.

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