The latest release rethinks the entire analysis approach – from the users’ level of involvement in building the reports, to how they leverage findings in their daily work and share these insights with others. Redesigned to put you at the helm of your whole reporting experience, ADOIT 14.0 is our most expressive, dynamic and personal release yet.

Leverage the new charting concept to build your custom analyses on the flyExplore your digital portfolios from different anglesQuickly assess the impact of your decisions. And heatmap to bring another dimension of your assets to light.

ADOIT 14.0 lets you visualize your data any way you choose, allowing you to maximize its value and tap into hidden architecture insights. Share your unique enterprise view company-wide. Extend data-driven findings to key decision makers. And drive business outcomes with better-informed investment and transformation strategies.

Here’s a glimpse of the release highlights:

  • New custom charting possibilities
  • Seamless analysis sharing
  • Streamlined dependency analysis
  • Heatmapping options
  • And more!

Switch over to our what’s new page to discover ADOIT 14.0 in full detail.

About ADOIT:

Enterprise Architecture requires teamwork. ADOIT is the ideal collaboration space for cross functional teams to bring innovation and transformation initiatives to life. With its numerous and role-specific views and reports, informed decisions can be made to have an immediate impact on business outcomes.

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