Process discovery gets a significant boost through digital support. ADONIS Connect for Process Mining hooks the powerful business process modelling and analysis capabilities of your #1 BPM tool with the process mining tool of your choice. This allows you to feed sourced process information right into ADONIS, where BPMN models are automatically created and populated, drastically reducing the time needed for process discovery and analysis.

Here are a few benefits that the ADONIS Connect for Process Mining brings:

  1. Quickly capture your as-is processes with mined discoveries and accelerate your process documentation efforts
  2. Find out how well your designed models reflect the real-life processes through conformance checks, and identify improvement potentials
  3. Get a holistic overview of your processes’ key performance indicators directly available in the ADONIS Insights Dashboard
  4. Enhance your process simulations with live mined data to design your best future processes with greater precision and accuracy

Dive deeper into ADONIS Connect for Process Mining and discover how it can help your business processes reach a new level of efficiency.

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