ONTO IT, a company specializing in Enterprise Architecture (EA), has announced a new strategic partnership with BOC Group, a world leader in business management solutions. This alliance allows both companies to join forces to bring Enterprise Architecture excellence to customers throughout Chile by marketing ADOIT, BOC Group’s renowned enterprise management solution.

Thanks to this agreement, ONTO IT will become a distributor of ADOIT in Chile, enabling organizations in the country to access this powerful business modeling and analysis tool. ADOIT has proven its ability to help companies understand, improve and optimize their processes, resulting in greater operational efficiency and a competitive advantage in the marketplace.

Patricio Gárate, Consulting Partner at ONTO IT, expressed his enthusiasm about this collaboration with BOC Group: “This partnership represents a significant step in our commitment to enhancing the delivery of professional services to our clients, now complemented with market-leading solutions to manage and optimize their Enterprise Architecture. With ADOIT, we are confident that our customers will have at their disposal a solution that will enable them to gain a holistic view of their business, thus supporting tactical and strategic decision-making“.

ADOIT, as part of the BOC Group’s suite of products, has been widely adopted by companies worldwide, from small and medium-sized enterprises to large corporations. Its flexibility and integration with other business tools make it an ideal choice for any organization looking to drive digital transformation and improve resource management.

The strategic partnership between ONTO IT and BOC Group opens up new opportunities for companies in Chile, enabling a more integrated and efficient management of their corporate resources through ADOIT. Both companies are committed to working together to drive innovation and deliver exceptional value to their customers in the field of Enterprise Architecture.


ONTO IT specializes in Enterprise Architecture services, with a proven track record in providing advice and consultancy services to organizations in different sectors. With a focus on maximizing the use of its technological assets, ONTO IT supports its clients in optimizing their Enterprise Architecture, and strategically aligning their resources, thus increasing their potential as key pillars for the business.

Website:         https://www.onto.cl/

Contact:          Patricio Gárate, patricio.garate@onto.cl

About BOC Group

BOC Group is a global leader in enterprise modelling software in the areas of business process management with ADONIS, enterprise architecture with ADOIT, and governance, risk and compliance management with ADOGRC. These products enable customers around the world to successfully and continuously redesign their digital enterprises to ensure success at all levels of the organization.

Its over 1,500 customers range from small and medium-sized enterprises to Fortune 500. In addition, its partner network totals 90 partners worldwide.

Some of BOC Group’s clients in Latin America are:

  • Telefónica
  • HDI Seguros
  • Correos España
  • Copa Airlines
  • Liberty Latam
  • Savills

Website:      www.boc-group.com

Contact:      Reinaldo Hoffman Lange, reinaldo.hoffman-lange@boc-group.com, Telephone: +34 661 65 1145

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