BOC Group’s “Connect for Confluence” allows publication of process or EA information in company wiki systems based on Atlassian Confluence. From visualization of interactive models to the publication of dynamic lists of modeled assets, Connect for Confluence connects your BPM or EA work with the environment your enterprise users are most commonly using. And above it all: content is automatically kept up-to-date due to a live connection to the BPM or EA data source in ADONIS or ADOIT.

What’s new?

The latest update packs even more value into “Connect for Confluence”, bringing powerful new features that accelerate publishing for content creators and enhance content consumption. Now users can automatically publish and make large amounts of ADONIS / ADOIT information available momentarily, leveraging the power of Confluence page templates. Information consumers enjoy greater flexibility in diving deeper and getting key asset insights directly in Confluence.

Easily deliver key insights to decision makers and cater for different stakeholders information needs.

Automatically make process / architecture information available centrally and accessible directly in Confluence.

Here’s a preview of the latest updates:

  • Automated Content Publishing
  • New Insightful Tooltips
  • New Macro for Object / Model Properties

Be sure to check out our ADONIS Connect for Confluence & ADOIT Connect for Confluence to discover the new capabilities in full detail!

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