Your EA in SharePoint, Teams and Confluence: From Transparency to Collaboration

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Agility and strategic alignment are crucial for the sustainable success of a company. Efficient resource utilization and the breakdown of information silos within the company architecture are essential. Collaborative Enterprise Architecture is the key to this transformation.

In this live session, you will learn how to leverage ADOIT’s integrations with SharePoint, Teams and Confluence.

What you will learn in this session:

Integration of ADOIT with SharePoint, Teams and Confluence: Learn how the EA suite ADOIT enables you to seamlessly integrate your Enterprise Architecture with SharePoint, Teams and Confluence to create an interactive and collaborative platform for IT transformation.

Use cases and best practices: Using practical examples and best practices, we will show you how to effectively leverage the synergies between ADOIT and collaboration platforms to maximize the potential of these integrations for your strategic planning and decision-making.

Why you should attend:

Direct application to your own organization: Gain valuable insights and practical tips that you can implement in your organization.

Interactive discussion: Take the opportunity to ask your questions and discuss specific challenges and solutions with experts as well as other participants.

Target group: This session is aimed at managers and employees from Enterprise Architecture and related departments who want to improve their strategic alignment and operational efficiency.

Register now to strengthen collaboration for your IT transformation projects and explore innovative ways of working together in your organization.

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