The New ‘Workspaces’ in ADOIT: Simplified Collaboration Between EA Experts and Specialist Departments

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The increasing importance of Enterprise Architecture (EA) stands in contrast to its low reputation and acceptance in many organizations. EA is often perceived as an exclusive discipline that is only accessible to a small group of (IT) specialists. This places a burden on the Entire Architecture team, which has to coordinate the work and request the necessary information.

The key to overcoming these barriers is to democratize Enterprise Architecture by involving broader groups of employees. To do this, the tool and methods must be simplified and accessible.

In this online webinar, we present the new “ADOIT Workspaces” feature for the first time. Learn how you can use it to enhance involvement in the Enterprise Architecture within the company, strengthen the strategic importance of the EA, and reduce the workload of the IT department. Discover how “ADOIT Workspaces” provides a user-friendly, guided, and methodical platform for collaboration across traditional boundaries.

What you will learn in this session:

  • Introduction to ADOIT Workspaces: get a deep dive into the features and benefits of “ADOIT Workspaces” to democratize EA work in your organization.
  • Use cases and best practices: through real-life examples, you will learn how “ADOIT Workspaces” can help increase the efficiency of cross-departmental EA work.

Target group: Executives and employees from Enterprise Architecture, IT management and other departments who want to actively participate in the design and implementation of EA.

Register now to gain exclusive insights into the new ADOIT feature “Workspaces” and discover how it enhances collaboration between EA experts and other departments.

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