Business IT Architecture: Executive Forum & Seminar Series

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This dynamic event uniquely creates an enriching experience for both top-level executives and a diverse general audience, fostering collaboration, innovation,
and transformation across industries.

Event Highlights:

  • Gain exclusive insights from thought leaders as they share their strategic visions, leadership philosophies, and firsthand experiences in navigating complex business landscapes.
  • Explore innovation, technology trends, and actionable strategies applicable across various industries.
  • Understand the importance of adaptability and discover practical approaches to staying ahead in an ever-evolving business environment.
  • Equip yourself or your team with the skills needed for the future of work. Relooking into upskilling, reskilling, and cultivating a learning mindset for professional growth.
  • Connect with a diverse group of professionals and build relationships that transcend industry boundaries and enhance your professional network.

Join us for a Panel Discussion #1: Revitalising Organisational Foundations: A Deep Dive into Enterprise Architecture Refactoring. This speaking topic delves into the concept of Digital Enterprise Architecture, exploring the reasons behind the necessity for periodic reassessment and redesign of organisational architecture. Discover the key aspects of EA used as a methodology for Business and IT alignment and discuss issues such as the arrival of emerging technologies, process duplications, and overlaps in people, process and technology which are crucial for optimising operations to enable a successful business transformation.

We are also thrilled to present the topic – Mastering Digital Transformation with EA Services: How to pivot your EA practice to increase organizational buy-in. The value of Enterprise Architecture is difficult to communicate within the organization. EA professionals often face challenges in getting their point across because their work can be easily underappreciated and overlooked. Traditional approaches to EA are severely hindered by a lack collaboration, insufficient resources, scarce management support and general resistance to change. As we begin revitalizing Enterprise Architecture, we must prioritize the definition of a concrete value proposition to the organization. EA is no longer a complex and confusing discipline of managing application landscapes and digital asset portfolios. Instead, EA is a collection of solution-oriented, modular, replicable, and value-driven services. EA services have a defined scope, require specific and focused stakeholder input, and offer actionable results. In this session, you will discover how our concept of rethinking and rebranding Enterprise Architecture can increase awareness, endorsement and large-scale adoption in your organization.

Cost: $54.50 for guests / FREE for SCS Members

We’re looking forward to a productive exchange of ideas and insights, as we come together to explore new horizons in Enterprise Architecture.

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