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Continuous transformation and innovation can certainly be a challenge, but they’re also essential parts of today’s success in business.

And where operations, strategy and delivering change are concerned – Business Process Management underpins it all.

Join us virtually on the 20th and 21st of June and hear how industry leaders like Sovereign, Knab, TIM Solutions and more, leverage BPM to future-proof their organizations and make their digital efforts count.

We’ll cover everything from transformation experiences and lessons learned, to actionable tips for helping you succeed in your Process Management initiatives too!

Be sure to tune in – we’re looking forward to seeing you there!


Day 1

– 01:00 PM (GMT+2): BOC Group: Opening Note
– 01:30 PM (GMT+2): Knab: Process Management for Modern Banking
– 02:05 PM (GMT+2): Sovereign: Business Processes as a Key to Delivering a Customer-Centric Organization

Day 2

– 01:15 PM (GMT+2): BOC Group: Democratizing BPM With Collaboration & Sharing
– 01:55 PM (GMT+2): Euroclear: Our journey of building a corporate BPM with ADONIS
– 02:30 PM (GMT+2): BOC Group, Tim Solutions: ADONIS Process Automation: Transforming Businesses Through Streamlined Execution
– 03:00 PM (GMT+2): BOC Group: Wrap Up & Outlook

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