AMERICAS Business Impact Summit 2023

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Innovate, learn, transform – constantly. The bar for today’s businesses is set pretty high.
Continuous change, the need for growth, and pressure to adapt to evolving market and customer needs are challenges all companies face.

Want to know how leading organizations leveraged #BusinessProcessManagement and #EnterpriseArchitecture to drive full-time innovation and sustained success?
Then be sure join us on March 2nd, and get inspired by tools, methods and know-how from real-life business stories.

Hear exclusive insights from On, Molson Coors and APEX and benefit from their experiences to propel your digital initiatives forward!

Looking forward to seeing you there!


– 01:30 PM (GMT-5): BOC Group: Opening Note
– 01:45 PM (GMT-5): Molson Coors: Getting Started With an EA Repository…Again
– 02:30 PM (GMT-5): On: On Runs Globally. How Processes Help Achieve Global Scale
– 03:10 PM (GMT-5): Apex: Enterprise Architecture – Your Secret Weapon for Streamlining Mergers and Acquisitions
– 03:40 PM (GMT-5): BOC Group: Wrap Up & Outlook

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