BOC Group releases ADOGRC 7.0 – Simply Powerful

The latest release of GRC delivers features created with power users in mind, but designed to empower everyone. Connect your data in fewer clicks. Share search queries enterprise-wide. Assign initiatives without restrictions. And see your assets in a completely new light. GRC 7.0 makes everything you do more effortless than ever, yet powerful enough to help you take your initiatives even further.

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ADONIS 10.0 – An extraordinary BPM experience. Now even more so.

In ways big and small, the latest version of ADONIS makes your BPM experience even faster, smarter and more delightful. Make your search queries available for everyone. Create relations between assets in a blink. Flexibly extend the validity of your documents. And more. With refinements at every level, now your ADONIS does even more for you, so you can get more out of every click.

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