With a legacy spanning over two decades of innovation, BOC Group has consistently been at the forefront of pushing boundaries. Since our establishment in 1995 as a spin-off of the University of Vienna, research has been ingrained in our DNA, driving our relentless investment in research and development initiatives.

Today, we are proud to be a key contributor to one of the European Union’s most innovative endeavors: the FAIRWork project.

European manufacturing companies are facing unprecedented challenges in an increasingly competitive global landscape. To stay ahead, they must embrace innovation to adapt to evolving production methods, manage complex supply chains, and navigate stringent regulatory frameworks.

This is where FAIRWork comes into play, aiming to transform how decisions are made in manufacturing by seamlessly integrating human expertise with cutting-edge AI technologies.

This multifaceted approach involves model-based approaches, co-creation laboratories, and physical experiments, fostering cooperative decision-making networks that improve transparency, adaptability, and overall efficiency. Emphasizing trust-building, holistic analysis, and decentralization of decision-making, FAIRWork is set to transform the traditional hierarchical systems into dynamic, responsive frameworks tailored to modern manufacturing demands.

At the core of FAIRWork lies the Democratic AI-based Decision Support System (DAI-DSS), designed to harmonize various production parameters. Leveraging digital twins and a robust knowledge base, DAI-DSS provides real-time insights and supports decision-making, while AI Enrichment Services enhance adaptability for quick responses to short-term events and long-term strategic planning.

BOC Group spearheads the implementation of innovation, supported by industry partners like Stellantis, Flex and Jotne Connect, and contributed by esteemed research organizations such as Joanneum Research and RWTH Aachen University.

With FAIRWork’s collaborative and democratic approach (promising to foster more agile and responsive production processes) European manufacturing is on the verge of a transformative shift.

For further insights, make sure to visit our FAIRWork page.

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