She enriches our team with her experience as a key account manager from various industries. In addition, she is very customer-oriented and always tries to find the best solutions for them. In our team, she is responsible for our international clients, sales and trainings. We are very grateful to have her with us. Today we want to talk with her about her onboarding at BOC Group.

You started in November at BOC Group. How have your first months been like?

My first week at the office turned out to be a very delightful experience . Starting from the Interview I had with Enrique for the position. I’ve worked in several environments- from corporate to start up, but BOC has offered the most welcoming and genuine atmosphere I’ve experienced in my 4 years of working as a Key Account Manager.

What would you tell your friends about your onboarding at BOC Group?

It’s not about what would I tell but more so what I haven’t told them already. In the course of the Onboarding I’ve met people from almost every department, who all have been equally as heartwarmingly welcome as my team has been for the past two months. What intrigues me most about the office space is that BOC actually has so many long term and international employees, which for me speaks volumes. Especially with the steady growth and size of the company it’s amazing to see how well the company handles the ones contributing to various fields.

What is also worth mentioning is, that all the promises that have been made in the interview have held true. Even though we’re almost 3 months into my journey at BOC.

What do you like most about your job and what challenges did you face during your start here?

Unfortunately Vienna went into a lockdown, the second week I started working at BOC. That week I also started my official onboarding process with all departments to get to know the company and it’s values better ( as well as the “founding fathers”). I personally really struggle with working in the home office, which in conclusion made me feel like sitting in the hot seat when it came to the Onboarding. But I was pleasantly surprised by how flexible, personable and downright to the point useful the Onboarding process went, even though we had 2 days notice to switch into home office. I am very thankful for every single one who participated in that process and gave all of us very well organized introduction.  What struck we too was how tailored to every single new employee the attendance requirements were, to ensure efficiency for every individual.

You joined our team three months ago, which benefits do you like most so far?

I mostly enjoy the Home office option as well as the lovely (and to mention unexpected) Christmas package that I have received. It’s also very honorable to work in a team with so much diversity and appreciation for each other’s heritages. Though there is an age gap between me and the others I feel like I am as much part of the team as everybody else (on from day one).

What do you like most in your role as a Sales Consultant?

So far I’ve enjoyed the contribution to various projects over these two months. It’s a big opportunity to work with the clients that I am, since I get to also experience the global market first hand for the first time. In turn this helps me grow professionally and hopefully add to the team increasingly more as time goes on.

What skills and qualifications, do you think, are important for starting a career as a Sales Consultant and from which did you benefit the most?

As a Consultant I find it important  to be able to grasp what I can contribute to my clients experience. Assessing their needs and picking up on things they might not articulate to you throughout the process. I started my career as a Consultant because it is important to me that the customer isn’t having a “Customer service” experience but actually feels like their needs are met and understood. In turn, that if the needs cannot be met, to have the transparency and trust to communicate such. Personally I wouldn’t  say that my personal life and me as an individual benefit from my role as a consultant but rather that both my professional and personal relationships benefit from each other. In this field it is all about communication, quality and trust. I intend to provide all of the above to every relationship I have, in or outside of the workplace. If being a Consultant is something you think of doing, be prepared to grow steadily, as you are required and encouraged to. This includes regularly checking in with yourself as well as the people around you.

Thank you Joanna for sharing with us! We wish you continued pleasure and success in your job.

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BOC Group offers experienced professionals and young talents an inspiring work environment in the areas of business management, software development, customer support, consulting and sales. In 25 years, the company has successfully grown together with a large number of colleagues as long-time companions and important key roles. We value curiosity, openness, enthusiasm and a high level of service quality and cultivate a personal, open corporate culture characterized by diversity. All together, we strive to grow further every day.

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