Drive transparency, efficiency and alignment

Visualize how your company creates value

Enhance team alignment using diagrams like the Value Stream Map. Showcase how your company operates and delivers value, ensuring everyone is on the same page.

Spotlight high-impact value streams

Mark the game-changers in your value chain, distinguish them from other factors, and focus on areas that deserve
a closer look.

See how your business capabilities are realized

Explore deeper where needed and illustrate the inner workings of your operating model: the processes, people, applications and even software components.

Enhance through focused optimization

Augment your visuals with key focus points. Annotate trends, risks, and requirements to pinpoint actionable insights for crafting impactful business transformation roadmaps.

Your ace for Operating Model Design and all things EA

Your EA Suite

Leverage Enterprise Architecture to outpace your competition. With ADOIT – Gartner Magic Quadrant Leader in EA 2023

You can accomplish more in Operating Model Design by connecting ADOIT with:

ADOIT Enterprise Architect for Confluence

Reach a broader audience. Use the live integration for Confluence.

ADOIT Enterprise Architect for SharePoint

Make accessible architecture for a wider audience. Embed your architecture viewpoints in SharePoint.

ADOIT Connect for ServiceNow

Save time and import applications from ServiceNow.

ADOIT Connect for ADONIS

Save time and retrieve processes from ADONIS.

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