DIALOG was aiming to map out their business processes to improve them for better business outcomes. They were looking for a suitable software that could enable them to achieve their aim with greater efficiency and effectiveness. At that point, they decided to connect with BOC Group and found that Business Process Management (BPM) tool ADONIS was the solution they needed to overcome their challenges.

DIALOG is a leading integrated technical service provider in the energy sector, in Malaysia and internationally. Read what the advantages ADONIS has had so far at their organization and what they like most about working with BOC.

ADONIS helps our organization document its business processes effectively and efficiently. With this software, we have better clarity of the independent and interconnecting activities of the different groups and functions within the organization, which enables us to identify gaps and potential improvements more effectively. ADONIS is rather user-friendly, and it continually improves from time to time. With the support from BOC, we have and continue to make good progress in the Business Process Management (BPM) program that we are undertaking, which is an important piece of our Digital Transformation.

Kenson Low

DIALOG Group Senior Engineer, Operations Excellence
BPM Core Team Member, Centre of Excellence

BOC has worked with us since 2019. They have been very committed, knowledgeable, and professional in guiding us in creating Process Models in ADONIS specifically and the Business Process Management (BPM) in general. BOC’s key personnel that we engage with have been responsive to any queries that we have, and it is invaluable to have a trusted partner in BOC in our journey of continuous improvement in BPM

KT Ong

DIALOG Group Senior Manager, Operations Excellence
BPM Programme Manager, Centre of Excellence

The ADONIS use case at DIALOG at a glance

DIALOG was looking for a Business Process Management (BPM) tool to model processes quickly and hassle-free. With ADONIS, they were able to model processes smarter, improve their process documentation and get more done in less time.

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