After that she started her career at BOC Group in December 2020 with a part time employment as a Junior Software Tester in our Quality Management department. In the meantime, Bruna joined our team with a full-time employment and moved to our Solution-team and proceeded her career as a DevOps Developer. We are very delighted to have her with us. Today we want to talk with her about the challenges of working and studying as well as her life at BOC Group.

At the moment you are doing your Master degree in Business Informatics at TU Vienna. You started last year with 20 hours weekly and increased your working hours to a full-time employment in the meantime. What was your motivation to study and work full-time at the same time?

Even though when working, the study load can become quite heavy, I think that the benefits are greater. Besides the confidence of being financially independent, I wanted to come in contact with the working environment here in Vienna and get a head-start on work experience, learn from more accomplished colleagues and start connecting to people in my field.

You started your career as a Software Tester and developed further to a DevOps Developer.  What were your individual development steps in a professional as well as personal way? How did your role and responsibilities change since your start?

As a Software Tester here at BOC, I got to expand my knowledge regarding the quality standards of a software as well as learn about test automation. The latest caught my attention so I focused more on the automation workflow and tools. I relocated to the DevOps team and started receiving more responsibilities and projects. I can say that the transition definitely helped me gain more insights which I put to use in my new role.

What do you like most in your job and with which challenges do you have to face with?

There numerous aspects I like in my job. I can start with the great working culture, the effective collaboration with colleagues, the autonomy to take decisions and the diversity of tasks I perform.

Regarding the challenges I encounter, what I would say is learning about and using new tools and technology to improve the workflow of the processes we develop. However, that is at the same time the most exciting part.

How do you benefit from your work experience during your studies and vice versa?

Joining the information I’ve gotten from both of these domains has helped me enhance my soft skills – most importantly time-management – and as well as my professional skills to a great extent. I feel more confident from having this extra experience, broader knowledge and a much larger network.

What skills and qualifications, do you think, are important for starting a career in Software Testing and as a DevOps Developer and from which did you benefit the most? And what advice would you give to someone who is studying and wants to start a career at BOC?

Besides the diplomas,  professional certificates or coding experience/knowledge that you have, I think that having the following skills would be the best starting point: Time Management, Problem-Solving, Multitasking and Collaboration Skills. I benefited greatly from these skills and of course learned to improve them even more.

To anyone who is currently studying and is looking to start a career at BOC I would suggest to do so, since BOC has so much to offer in that regard. It provides teleworking, flexible working hours and most importantly a cool and friendly working environment where you can grow professionally alongside great people.

We met you at „Voice of Diversity“ a program of TU Career Center last year. How was the application situation for you in comparison to usual application processes?

The “Voice of Diversity” application process was definitely an experience I would recommend to my peers. The possibility to contact a company with regard to a new opportunity, just by presenting your skills and abilities and no bias information is hard to come by.

For me all the mixture of feelings I used to get in a usual process was drastically changed to just curiosity towards this new possible work environment. I was more calm and clear in my communication with the company – either via chat or physical interview.

Have you ever faced discrimination in an application process before you joined „Voice of Diversity“ and how did you handle this?

Sadly, I cannot say that I have not – it has been subtle but I have understood it.
However, I have always wanted to be part of a company that is acceptive towards everyone so I did not let such events get into my head. I just kept on searching for what was right for me. And I am very glad to say I have found what I was looking for in BOC. The diversity and acceptance I have witnessed here makes me happy to say I am part of it.

Thank you Bruna for sharing with us! We wish you continued pleasure and success in your job.

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BOC Group offers young talents internships during the whole year in the areas of business management, software development, customer support, consulting and sales. In 25 years, the company has successfully grown together with a large number of colleagues as long-time companions and important key roles. We value curiosity, openness, enthusiasm and a high level of service quality and cultivate a personal, open corporate culture characterized by diversity. All together, we strive to grow further every day.

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