Business Process Management with ADONIS

The core task of ADONIS is to continually improve Process and Business Performance in organisations by building an integrated management system and providing transparent information for decision making. ADONIS supports you in designing and documenting your process landscape, optimising business processes, re-engineering and reducing times and costs in your organisation. More ...


Easy to use, short modelling learning curve

Simulation and business evaluation (capacity planning, process costing, etc.)

Support of different modelling standards and notations such as BPMN, UML, EPC, and LOVEM

Interfaces for process implementation (e.g. BPEL, XPDL, XMI)

Powerful web-publishing mechanisms

ADONIS Process Portal
The ADONIS Process Portal offers role-specific web-access to models. This allows to directly involve persons in the BPM cycle who until now would have been only indirectly involved and who would have been without any tool-support. The unique, role-based concept of the APP offers precise information and functionality required by each of the employees. Thanks to the intuitive and personalised Web-Interface the APP does not require any training. More…


ADONIS is based on the BPMS (Business Process Management Systems) framework. The concepts of ADONIS are based on the phases identified in the framework surrounding the theory of a permanent improvement cycle. More…

Application Scenarios
ADONIS supports you in pursuing your defined objectives and Business Process Management application scenarios. These scenarios can draw a very wide bow, reflecting the wide possibilities in utilising ADONIS for successful Business Process Management. More…

ADONIS:Community Edition

With ADONIS:CE we provide you a perfect entry point to professional Business Process Management and a way to become familiar with ADONIS. ADONIS:CE is a functional and feature rich stand-alone version of ADONIS with few limitations in comparison to the commercial edition.


New Version 2.0 out now!

Start your Business Process Management activities today and download your free version of the BPM software ADONIS:CE. ADONIS:CE is completely free of charge and does not have any limiting time restrictions.

With the following screenshots we would like to provide a glimpse of ADONIS, its application scenarios, and the ADONIS Process Portal. Click on the figure to follow the slideshow.

Consulting Services
The BOC Group offers professional services for implementing business process management for business-driven as well as technical scenarios. An overview of our service offering can be found in the Services section.

Technical Information
ADONIS is the Business Process Management tool of the BOC Management Office and is available as a Stand-alone or Client/Server configuration. A relational database is used for data storage and external data can be imported through various interfaces such as Microsoft Excel, SQL, CSV, and XML based formats. More…

For business-driven projects, as well as for technical implementation, you can rely on BOC’s and its employees’ broad and international know-how in various sectors. If you require information about our references, please contact us.

In addition to the four toolkits of the BOC Management Office we offer the modelling tool PROfit, which allows you to easily and quickly verify the quality of your processes and services. More...