Ładowanie Wydarzenia
  • English Subtitles Available

  • How can resilience and growth coexist in an organization?

  • Clear goals – for both factors – as a necessary prerequisite

  • Digital tools and skills needed for implementation

  • Positioning of your company – assessment of the current situation

This session takes a look at the current corporate management requirements from the perspective of governance, risk & compliance (GRC). To be more precise, we’re diving into the different aspects of digitalization and sustainability within risk and compliance management, as well as internal control system (ICS), in particular:

  • Latest megatrends in the context of GRC
  • Sustainability analysis in GRC: key drivers, goals and strategies for resilience and growth
  • Fit for Future: Necessary tools and competencies
  • Total Economic Impact: Driving forces and value contributions
  • Quo vadis?: Positioning, maturity and next steps

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