Ładowanie Wydarzenia
  • Implementing digitalization sustainably
  • Using digitalization as a competitive advantage
  • From projects to digital skills
  • Digital twin – Your digital corporate representation
  • Design. Connect. Engage. In 3 steps towards implementation.

Digitalization is not referred to as the “digital revolution” for no reason. The pressure to take action is enormous, but so is the potential, leaving companies around the world with a compelling sense of urgency to do something, and do it quickly. However, only the companies that build sustainable digital skills – and don’t just skim through transformation projects – have a real shot at succeeding.

In this Business Insight we’ll show you how you can sustainably develop digital skills at all levels of your company, gradually creating a digital representation of the company on as many as possible / all levels: starting from customer journeys, process maps, organizational charts, detailed processes, application catalogues, and all the way to data, interface and infrastructure views.

Through the use of transformation platforms like ADONIS and ADOIT, the content of all the different levels can be clearly defined, managed, accounted for – and most importantly – connected to reality. Start off easy. Step by step. This is how you implement digitalization.

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