Chargement Évènements
  • Specify, plan and implement digitization projects

  • From process design to process automation with workflows

  • ADONIS & TIM Workflows: a seamlessly integrated duo for the digitalization of your processes

Agile. Integrated. Simply better.

This online business insight focuses on the following questions:

How can I automate a business process in a user-oriented way? How can this be done in an agile way? Is it possible to digitalize collaborative processes from within the business department?

We will show to you how to automate business processes in detail, directly using customer scenarios and real-life examples. This way, processes involving physical documents – often Excel sheets or Word files that were previously sent back and forth – can be quickly and easily turned into collaborative, digital processes.

With our partner solution TIM Human Workflows, the whole process is easy, direct and integrated into ADONIS.

Be curious – without deeper technical knowledge you will digitalize your business processes.

Agile. Integrated. Simply Better.

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