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Key Takeaways: User-Centric EA Portfolios Focus Week
  • Basic concepts of technology portfolio management

  • Core elements of a technology portfolio

  • Building a technology portfolio

  • Evaluation of a technology portfolio

  • Dependence on other management disciplines

In today’s networked world, technology is ubiquitous. New technologies are changing service delivery processes and interactions with customers and business partners, enabling the emergence of entirely new business models. Technologies are increasingly becoming both the foundation and the drivers of business innovation.

However, with each additional technology in the portfolio, the costs for maintenance, migration, evaluation and implementation of security requirements for companies are also continuously rising. The number of technologies used is often proportional to the number of systems in operation. Therefore, it is necessary to select new technologies wisely and with foresight.

In this Business Insight video, we will show you how you can efficiently set up your technology portfolio management and how technology portfolio analysis can help you manage your transformation projects.

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