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Key Takeaways: User-Centric EA Portfolios Focus Week
  • Basic concepts of data portfolio management
  • Core elements of any data portfolio

  • Data portfolio structure

  • Data analysis from a business, technical and regulatory perspective

  • Ensuring data quality

Data is considered a crown jewel of the 21st century. Leveraging this treasure for new products, more efficient business processes, or even new business models, makes information revolving around it an essential element of any business.

Especially in the context of digitalization initiatives, the knowledge related to data origin, and the distribution of data in the enterprise architecture can be one of the most critical success factors. What’s more, the quality, integrity and availability of mission-critical data play a significant role in many compliance requirements.

In this Business Insight video we will show you how to set up your data portfolio management efficiently and how data analysis can support and contribute to the success of your transformation projects.

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