Thomas Marchewka comes from Germany, studied Applied Computer Sciences and has been working at BOC Germany in the solutions department since 2009. In this role, he is not only a representative who is leading a team and working as a technical project manager, but also supervises our dual students and interns. Let’s take a closer look at his daily work routine.

What exactly is the job of a technical project manager in the solutions department?

Our cross-functional, agile teams are more on the technical side and are a versatile mix of colleagues from the areas of technical project management, quality management and (software) development. This allows each team to independently handle entire projects across all phases, which you can imagine as follows:

At BOC Group, various software products are sold. The products can be customised according to customer requirements, which we sell as a service. Technical project managers like me specify these requirements and prepare them so that developers can code the product accordingly and our testers can test it. So most of the business around customisation takes place within our teams here in the Solutions department. Usually, this customisation is then delivered to the customer via the consultancy.

Did you have any experiences in IT before you joined BOC Germany?

During my studies I worked as a student assistant. Later, I worked as a student trainee in a different company in Berlin, where some areas were IT-focused. But I also gathered some experience in other areas. After graduating, I applied to BOC Germany to take on my first full-time job.

What motivates you to be part of BOC Group for 13 years already? Since you have mentioned that this was not your first IT job: What makes working at BOC so special?

For me, BOC is a good mixture between a start-up and a large company, because we are a mid-sized company. At BOC Germany, we are between 60 and 70 employees. Thus, it’s small enough to know everyone, but large enough to guarantee large-scale projects can be implemented. BOC Germany offers the quintessence of what I like. We are all very collegial with each other, not only in my team, but also across divisions and operations.

In addition, BOC Group is represented in other countries as well and I really enjoy this international touch. Furthermore, I couldn’t name one person at BOC who is unpleasant to work with. In my past jobs, I had other, negative experiences in this regard.

Furthermore, I really appreciate having a contact person not only in my team, but within the company in general at any time. The lively exchange of ideas in both a private and a professional context is another reason why I love working at BOC.

What can dual students expect from a day at BOC Germany?

I’m not in my role as the supervisor of the dual study program all day, that happens on the side. The daily routine depends on the students and the department they are assigned to. With our partner, the Berlin School of Economics and Law, it works like usually with dual trainings. The dual students attend the university during the theory phases and work at the BOC Germany office or in home office during the practical phases. We try to make sure that they don’t just stay in one team, but get to know different departments aswell. If they are not in my team, I meet with them once a week and check on their overall well-being, we discuss current issues and anything else that is on their mind. One of our current students is working on projects for the solutions department in our solutions team. I talk to her on a daily basis to give her the best possible support. From a professional perspective, this is more of a check to see if both sides are satisfied, since there is always the chance for our students to become a permanent employee after graduation. At least, this is always the goal we pursue.

What do you particularly enjoy about your work with the dual students?

Since the students are not always part of my team, I enjoy the fact that I can regularly exchange with staff members from different departments and thus, stay connected. I love working with people and supporting them in starting their professional careers.

At BOC, autonomy at work is very important, which is why we offer our onboarding program right from the start. Thanks to this, you get to work with many others from the global group right away and learn about different BOC topics together. However, if problems or questions arise, you are never left alone – we help each other. In addition, we are always well prepared for our students, trying to give them meaningful tasks that will be of benefit for their careers. So I think, supporting them for the future is the greatest motivation for me.

Are there differences in the supervision of interns?

In terms of handling, there are no major differences. Interns complete an internship, lasting several weeks during their full-time studies. The approach is the same as for dual students, which means they have to be trained and are assigned to tasks. Their activities are identical, but only the mode, the duration and the work contract differ. Here, too, the aim is to employ them as student or permanent team members in the future.

Thank you for the interview Thomas!

Do you have any further questions about being a technical projectmanager in the solutions department or the dual study programme?

No problem! Get in touch with Thomas Marchewka via Xing and have a chat with him!

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