We’re proud to announce our partnership with Axis Corporate, an international consulting firm specializing in business strategies, with offices in Barcelona, ​​Madrid, Boston and London. Axis Corporate helps organizations accelerate their growth through business  transformation — from strategy and business model definition, to the operational impact.

This partnership will provide significant added value, combining BOC Group’s worldwide business modelling software (ADONIS, ADOIT and ADOGRC) with the specialized consulting services of Axis Corporate. It will help companies achieve successful business transformations even faster.

“One of the great added values ​​that result from this collaboration is the wealth of combined experiences that Axis Corporate and BOC Group can offer, when it comes to transforming companies to be more competitive in the digital business landscape. In addition, both companies have extensive track records in the banking and insurance markets. The joint offer with Axis transformation services and the ADONIS business process management platform will thus significantly impact these sectors, increasing their agility, quality of service and efficiency.” Dr Christian Lichka, Member of the Board of the BOC Group.

“This year is especially important for Axis Corporate due to the synergies with leading technology partners in its sector, such as the BOC Group, an internationally recognized company specializing in the design of business management systems. This alliance not only allows us to continue growing as a business transformation company, by expanding the capabilities of our consultants in tackling projects with guaranteed success, but it also provides high differentiating value to our clients, with solutions that place them in a position of clear competitive advantage”. Casimiro Gracia – Executive Chairman Axis Corporate.

About Axis Corporate

Axis Corporate is an international business consulting firm. It helps companies and organizations accelerate their business growth through transformation, from strategy and the business model definition, to the operational impact.

Its services aim to generate value for companies at critical moments of transformation. They design and implement growth strategies generating value in the areas of income, efficiency and risk management.

Axis Corporate works in Total Transformation Program, Growth & Customer Value, Digital & Innovation, Operational Performance Excellence, Governance, Risk & Compliance and People & Transformation. The company operates in different sectors, promoting intra-sectoral and inter-sectoral knowledge management: Banking, Real Estate, Insurance, Energy, Utilities & Infrastructure, Industry and Consumer Goods, Telecommunications, Media & Technology, Mobility, Leisure and Retail, Public Administrations and Health. It currently has a team of more than 100 professionals dedicated to Management Consulting.

Website:         https://axiscorporate.com/es/

Contact:          Marisa Ruiz – mruiz@axiscorporate.com, Phone: +34 608956028

About BOC Group

BOC Group is a world leader in business modelling software in the areas of Business Process Management with ADONIS, Enterprise Architecture with ADOIT, and Governance, Risk and Compliance Management with ADOGRC. These products enable customers worldwide to successfully and continuously redesign their digital enterprise to ensure success at all levels of the organization.

Its 1,500+ customers range from small and medium-sized businesses to Fortune 500 companies. In addition, BOC’s partner network extends to over 90 partners worldwide.

Some BOC Group clients in Spain are:

  • Correos
  • Savills
  • Municipal Police of Madrid
  • Agroseguros

Website:         https://www.boc-group.com/es/

Contact:          Reinaldo Hoffmann Lange – reinaldo.hoffman-lange@boc-group.com, Phone: +34 661651145

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